When you choose a production partner, especially in Asia, consider all the facts. 

Are you looking for low quantity, high volume, or scalable manufacturing? Do you want to squeeze production time? Reduce manufacturing delays? Improve quality? Lower costs? Maybe you want to bump up your product design and development to stay competitive.
Whether you’re searching for a factory or a fresh take on product development, our proven approach and expertise can help make your vision a reality.


Market-Ready Certification Program


Know before you build. For new, untested, or complex products, our comprehensive Market-Ready Certification Program answers five core questions critical to worry-free product development and manufacturing.

Can my design be manufactured?

DFM Evaluation

We conduct a Design for Manufacture and Assembly analysis to identify opportunities to modify the product for efficient manufacturability and reduced costs.

Are all parts accounted for?

BOM Review

Our team of engineers and category experts reviews your specs and Bill of Materials (BOM) — the itemized list of all your product components — for completeness, sourcing, regulation requirements, and savings.

Is my packaging market ready?

Packaging Options

We evaluate your packaging design and make recommendations to optimize production, materials, shipping, and market readiness.

How much will it cost?

Estimated Costs

We provide a comprehensive cost of goods estimate that considers all manufacturing costs like materials, labor, customs, freight, etc., plus delivery to your destination of choice.

How long will it take to deliver?

Manufacturing Timetable

We create a manufacturing schedule based all the known factors that will help you set realistic delivery dates for marketing and your customers.

Ready for worry-free manufacturing? Ask about our Market-Ready Certification Program.  product_crew_logo_guide-v3-1_0008_layer-10


A new generation approach to building and developing custom products.

Revolutionize your product development.

Whether you’re a major brand manager or a first-time inventor, we’ll dive deep into your product idea and goals to tailor every detail of development to your brand and target market.

Product Design

Our skilled designers and engineers in Hong Kong capture your product vision, then produce technically intricate computer-assisted design (CAD) drawings in preparation for prototyping. We analyze, ideate, and value engineer your product before reaching the manufacturing line in order to optimize efficiencies and costs.

Prototypes & Sampling

Throughout the development process, we provide 2D samples, 3D samples, or working prototypes from the actual molds and tooling as needed for your approval before full production starts.

Packaging Design

To win the hearts and minds of customers — and sell more units — any successful product requires great package design. If needed, our team can help direct how your product is packaged, displayed, and delivered.

POP Displays

Many merchandising programs require a point-of-purchase (POP) display. Product Crew can help you design and manufacture (or source) an impactful POP display to give your product a distinct visual personality and engage your target audience.


25 years of manufacturing experience on call for you.


Product Crew continually innovates. We customize each step of manufacturing and assembly to build out your vision successfully.

Molds & Tooling

Rest assured that your product can be manufactured on time and at cost. We engineer — in house — all the molds and tooling specific to your product and the production line they run on. This investment and approach are critical to capturing all of the creativity you desire for your products.

Multi-Factory Integration

We offer multi-factory integration with numerous production lines under one roof, and can also arrange multi-factory plans within a region to manufacture all required materials and components to assemble your products at greater savings.

Quality & Inspection

We employ full-time Quality Control Inspectors throughout all our factory relationships. This experienced team examines every manufacturing step — production, quality, compliance, and delivery time — to maintain our high standards and ensure a successful end product.

Certified Factories

Depending on your product requirements, we offer ISO9000, ISO 14001, CE, CPSIA, and UL Certied Factories.


No matter how creative or complex your product is, Product Crew has a trusted network of factories and the product category experts to successfully build out your vision.

Plastic Injection Rubber Molding Overmolding/2 Shot DFA
Die-casting CNC Machining Conversion Extrusion Adhesives
Stamping/Sheet Metal Rotomolding Specialty Investment Casting Progressive Dies
PCB Fab Electronic Fab
Optics Welding Design for Automation
Thin Films Display Panels Specialty PCB Fab
Painting Flex Cables Conversions
Solar Ultra-Sonic Water Sealing
ABS Acrylic Acrylic Aluminum
Bamboo Canvas Ceramics Cotton
EVA Earthware Electronics FIR
Fabric Fabric Blends Fiber Optics Fibers
GID Powder Glass Glass Glass (Optics)
Glass Fibers Glitter Powder Leather Linen
MDF Magnet Melamine Metal
Non-Woven Nylon PCTG PE RATTAN
PVC Packaging Paper Plastic
Plywood Polyester Polyresin Pongee
Porcelain Rayon Resin Ribbon
Rubber Coating Silicone Silver (925) Solid Wood
Spandex Specialty Resins Stainless Steel Stoneware
TPR Tassel Textiles Timber
Tin Tritan Veneer Video Modules
Vinyl WPC Wood Wool
Zinc Alloy


A global manufacturing benchmark for quality.


Before it can be shipped, every imported product must meet or exceed required government regulations, as well as customer expectations of performance and safety.


To ensure the seamless development and delivery of your product, we employ experienced teams on sides of the import/export equation. From electronics to plush toys, our engineers, product designers, logistics and freight teams examine both your product and packaging for regulatory compliance.


Product Crew can support CE, CPSIA, and UL Certication as well as food and beverage products requiring import compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Lab Testing

  • Mechanical Testing

  • Chemical Testing

  • Corrosion Testing

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Packaging & Shipment Testing

  • Failure Analysis
  • Thermal Calibration

  • Mechanical Calibration

  • Electro-Mechanical Calibration

Packaging & Shipment Testing

Product Crew offers a distinct advantage through our shipping and handling test program. We put every product in its nal packaging through ocean, rail, and truck delivery testing to ensure that your product will arrive in shelf-ready condition. If you are a direct-to-consumer company, delivering by FedEx, UPS, or USPS, we conduct specic handling testing so that your boxed or crated products conform to the delivery requirements of your carrier.


Shelf-ready product delivered to your destination of choice.


Product Crew is your turnkey solution for international shipping. We have six fulltime staff dedicated soley to import, domestic logistics, freight and delivery

Logistics Strategy

To optimize savings, we incorporate logistics planning into every manufactured good. giving you the best combination of ocean, rail, truck, and air transport to meet your needs, timing, and budget. Our team also assesses shipping options, before any product development, providing recommendations to modify certain materials or specications to fall under lower duties and tax brackets.

Integrated US Import

Our proven integrated import system is customized to how your product will be imported to the U.S. (or any international destination). All the regulations, duties, and taxes are included in your overall cost of goods estimate. Product Crew handles everything. We can deliver to your doorstep, to your retailers, or to multiple distribution centers under your company name.

Customs Clearance

We submit all the government customs and registration applications possible on your behalf, so you can have peace of mind that your product delivery will stay on schedule.

US & Global Distribution

We offer a range of domestic and international distribution options. Contact us if we can assist in any way.

EDI Compliance

Product Crew has worked alongside global companies like Costco and Walmart, which require Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Let’s build something together. Tell us more about your ideas.